frozen pipes

If you don’t have the slightest clue what to do in regards to plumbing, it can seem overwhelming. When a pipe bursts it can seem daunting to even think about attempting to fix it yourself.

It’s best to start off slow.

Learn some small tips and tweaks and dip your toe in the water before undertaking anything too extravagant.

So with this post, we won’t be tackling any large projects or be trying to get you to replace your entire bathroom. We’ll just give you a few ideas of things you can do around your house today to get you used to plumbing and make sure your home is in order.

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Use a Bucket To Flush Your Toilet

You’ve had to call in the big guns to deal with a significant plumbing issue. Maybe there’s a problem that needs to be dealt with that’s over your head or perhaps you’re having a bathroom or a kitchen replaced and the water supply needs to be turned off.

No water means no toilet… Or does it?

Before you or your friendly neighbourhood plumber turns off the water supply, fill a gallon bucket or two with water and keep them close to hand. So even without running water, you can use the toilet and then pour your bucket(s) in to flush away the waste. Fantastic!

Fill as many buckets as you have/like. One bucket will normally be sufficient for a single flush, so you may need more than one depending on how long your water will be turned off for.

frozen pipes

Wrap Felt Round Loud Piping

Do your pipes creak and groan when they’re being used? The sound itself can be annoying and discomforting, making you think that there’s something wrong with them or they can burst at any moment.

Normally, this is just the sound of the copper piping expanding as the hot water runs through them. Their new expanded size rubs and chafes against the joist hangers. This isn’t generally anything to worry about but if the sound is really bugging you, or you just want to do something, you can deal with it.

Take some adhesive-backed felt strips and remove the hangers around the pipes. Wrap those strips around the pipes and reattach them to the hangers.


No more creepy creaking in the night!

Take Some Photos!

Yep, you heard that right.

If you’re in the middle of remodelling your home and the piping and electrical wires behind your walls are open and exposed, it’s a good idea to take your camera and snap a few pics.

Not because it looks pretty or to show your friends like they’re holiday snaps, but for future reference.

It’s extremely handy to know just exactly where your pipes run through if you ever have any further issues.

Trust me, it can really make things a lot easier if you know where everything is meant to be!

Keep Your Pipes In Good Shape When It’s Cold

Frozen pipes can be a nightmare.

A simple way to stop them from freezing is to keep the water trickling from the faucet and keep a heat lamp near any exposed pipework.

A more in depth way to prevent freezing is to insulate bare pipes with newspaper or a thin cloth.

If it’s too late and your pipes have already frozen, click here for a way to deal with it.

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