There is a social stigma that gaming destroys your life and wastes your precious time. People always target the gamers but for us gaming has made our live better. Few years back our lives were worse and we were having a difficult time adjusting in the society as we were drug addicts. We were having troubles with our parents and some of us were even tortured.

All of us met in the rehabilitation center where we were supposed to get back on track over the period of time. Our stories of drug addiction might be different but our stories during our rehabilitation time are very similar. We had an amazing mentor who introduced us to gaming. He would not tell us about the importance of our time and leading a good life, rather he would show us how to play games. In a matter of months, we started playing well. Our mentor would also play with us. His methods of rehabilitating us through gaming had a very influential effect on our lives. Instead of listening to the boring lectures we were playing turn by turn on the single PlayStation in the rehabilitation center. Whenever anyone of us completed a level in any game all of us would cheer the moment. Our mentor would award us with chocolates and there was a sense of achievement. All of us were satisfied that we were now travelling on the right path. As a result of the efforts of our mentor, some of us got out early from the rehabilitation center. If it hadn’t been gaming, some of us would have reverted back to drugs. Gaming changed our lives drastically. Finally, our message is that don’t do drug, and if you are into drugs the gaming is the way out for you.