Marvel Contest of Champions, play for the superheroes you love

If you love marvel super heroes and want to download a cool game then Marvel Contest of Champions is what you are looking for. This game is completely free to download. So this is another great point, no matter who is your favorite superhero they are all here and you are now joining forces with them to save the world. So gather all your geek friends and start playing this game from this weekend. Trust me, for the people who love TV shows like The Big Bang Theory this is the coolest game ever.

What is it about?

First thing first, Marvel Contest of Champions looks absolutely amazing. All the superheroes models area very well made and the animation is best of the best. There are many other exciting features too which the nerds will absolutely enjoy. Have you ever played the game Injustice? Well Marvel Contest of Champions is thousand times more entertaining and thrilling than Injustice. So if you are a long time lover of DC universe and its characters then this game is made for you. While most marvel based games were only popular among the male players this game can also be enjoyed by women because of the cool and creative backgrounds the makers added.

Since its release Marvel Contest of Champions is becoming really popular among video game lovers, so the obvious things are happening with this game too. There are already plenty of hacks out there on the internet. All of them make you feel that you can earn unlimited gold coins using these hacks, but be careful about these hacks, if you have too, choose one carefully.


Why we love this game

We love the game because of its simplicity and of course it’s the best free game like ever. So this weekend don’t just watch the gangs of Sheldon, be like them by playing with the incredible hulk in Marvel Contest of Champions.